Essay on Plants For Students and Children

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Essay on Plants For Students and Children

Essay on Plants in 120 words for kids

Plants are very useful for us. They give us food, medicines, gum, and wood. A plant has roots, stems, branches, and leaves. The roots remain under the soil and help the plant to absorb water and minerals from the soil. The stem, branches, and leaves grow above the soil. During the day, plants make their food with the help of sunlight, water, minerals, and carbon dioxide. After the food is made, they give off oxygen. Plants store food in the form of fruits and vegetables. We have fruits and vegetables as our food. Oxygen is necessary to keep us alive. Dried hay and straw make food for the cattle. Plants are therefore said to be very useful to us. We should grow more plants.


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Plants Essay in 200 words

Plants have served mankind in various ways from as far back as one can remember. They have fed numerous people and cured diseases since life began on earth.

The survival of human beings is dependent on plants. A large portion of food, medicines, and materials that we use in our everyday life, is from plants that grow all over the world in the tropics.

Apart from feeding and protecting human life, plants also protect soil from erosion, regulate climate, maintain water supplies for agriculture and prevent the forming of deserts.

Despite the great value of plants, man has been destroying them simply due to his ignorance and short-sightedness. According to the records, every year we destroy a tropical rain forest three times the size of Switzerland. About 25,000 flowering plants are on the verge of extinction. Some of the flowering plants are water lilies, violets sunflowers, orchids, magnolias, pitcher plants, Indian pipe, mistletoe (plant hung on doors during Christmas), and the Spanish-moss. We should take care of our plants and try not to pollute the air so much that plants begin to die.


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