10 Lines on Doctor For Students & Children in English

In this article, we are providing Informative 10 lines on Doctor in English. In these lines, we have tried our best to give detailed information about Doctor. Few Lines on Doctor for classes 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12, Doctor sentence for class 1

10 Lines on Doctor For Students & Children in English

( Set-1 ) 10 | Few lines on doctor for class 1 | Few Lines on Doctor for KG Class

1. A doctor is a person who treats and cures sick and injured people.

2. A doctor plays a vital role in society.

3. Doctors are given the status after God.

4. To become a doctor a person needs to hold a degree in medical science.

5. The profession of a doctor is given a lot of respect in our society.

6. Apart from treatments, doctors also give proper health-related advice.

7. The job of a doctor is a very responsible one.

8. Doctors have a very busy life.

9. In India National doctor’s day is celebrated on 1st July.

10. We should be very thankful to doctors for the service they provide us.

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( Set-2 ) Ten | 10 Lines on Doctor In English For Students

1. Doctors are considered second to God as they provide their patients with a new life.

2. Doctors are generally referred to as life saviors.

3. The profession of a doctor is a noble profession and sometimes they have to work around the clock without rest.

4. The job of a doctor is tough and exhausting.

5. Doctors diagnose patients and provide them with the appropriate treatment for their ailments.

6. Neurologists, psychiatrists, a cardiologist, and general physicians are some of the kinds of doctors who are specialized in the treatment of specific organ-related diseases.

7. Ayurvedic doctors use herbal medicines to cure patients.

8. Doctors sometimes put their lives in danger to treat life-threatening diseases.

9. Doctors are the ones who can identify the health problem and try their best to treat it.

10. Every year we celebrate National Doctor’s Day on the 1st of July.


Essay on Doctor for Class 1, 2

lines on doctor for class 1

10 Lines on Doctor for Class 4

1 Doctors are the pillars of healthcare systems who save lives through their expertise.

2 Doctor pledges the Hippocratic Oath to treat and save the lives of their patients at any time.

3 Doctors are frontline heroes who always come ahead in the time of crisis.

4 Doctors are specialized from a surgeon to pediatricians and psychiatrists.

5 Doctors and patients have a relationship that is built on trust and confidentiality.

6 Patients rely on their Doctors to navigate the complexities of their health.

7 Doctors has to make critical decision in time of emergencies which makes them face different challenges.

8 The essential traits of doctors are compassion and empathy for which they work tirelessly.

9 Doctors provide medical guidance to patients by diagnosing ailments.

10 Doctors are professionally trained whose stethoscope and white coat are their symbols.


( Set-4 ) Some | Few Lines on Doctor in English for Kids

1. A doctor is a medical practitioner who removes problems related to a person’s mental or physical health.

2. The doctor holds a degree in medical science from a Private or government college.

3. The doctor has a nurse and compounder to help and the doctor works in a hospital or clinic.

4. There is always a “stethoscope” hanging around his neck which he uses to listen to heartbeats.

5. Doctors treat diseases ranging from minor diseases like a cough to inaccessible diseases.

6. The doctor is very gentle and generous in nature because if he gets angry, the patient may get hurt.

7. There are many types of doctors in different fields like dentists for teeth, Cardiologists for heart and Neurosurgeons for the brain, etc.

8. National Doctor’s Day” is celebrated on 1st July, to pay respect to the doctor.

9. We can not imagine our society without Doctors and he is a symbol of humanity and mankind.

10. Doctors are real warriors for our society and they help to fight diseases and viruses like a COVID 19.


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