Essay on My School Library in English for Students and Children

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Essay on My School Library in English for Students and Children

My School Library Essay in English

My school library is situated in a corner of the school. It is a big library. Our school library comprises two big halls for books, one room for the librarian and his officials, one room for staff and a big reading room for students. There are more than fifty thousand books in our school library. There are books on all subjects. Apart from the books concerning subjects taught in the school, there are books on other subjects such as sports, magic, astronomy, astrology, psychology, horticulture, poultry, handicrafts, bee-keeping, etc.

My school librarian is a middle-aged man. His name is Ram Sharma. He is an M.A., M.Lib. He is a very learned man and has mastery over a number of subjects. He keeps studying books during his spare time. He is very gentle and polite. The officials working under him are also very good-natured persons.

The catalogue of books bearing the title, the author’s name, publisher’s name, subject, and other particulars are kept in a big chest comprising many card boxes kept in pigeon-holes. Each book has been allotted a card and bears a distinct number. Thus, it is not difficult to locate a book. In case of any difficulty, the librarian and his subordinates assist the students.

A student can get one book at a time. He can keep it for a fortnight. Thereafter, he can get the period of the book extended for one week and in case there is no demand from any student or member of the staff for the book, he can get it extended further.

If a student keeps a book for a period that is more than the prescribed period, he has to pay a penalty of 5 Rs per day.
There are separate rows of tall shelves in which books are kept. The shelves are arranged subject-wise.

The library also contributes to several journals and magazines in various languages and on various subjects.

I am, indeed, proud of my school library


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