Essay on Child Labour in English For Students & Children

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Essay on Child Labour in English For Students & Children

Essay on Child Labour in English ( 250 to 300 words )

Childhood is the period of innocence. It is called the golden era of human life.

However, this statement is not true in all cases and at all places. Millions of children all over the world have to work hard for earning their livelihood for one reason or the other

Childhood is the period when a child’s only concern. is to g to school and study or to play. Education up to the fourteenth year for the child has been made compulsory in India, but that is only on paper.

Innumerable inducements have been given to children and their parents to check the ever-increasing number of school drop-outs, but most of the efforts have borne no fruit.

It is, however, heartening to note that the mid-day meals in schools as ordered by the Supreme Court have given encouraging results in this regard.

The practise of child labour is playing havoc in a country like India. We can see poor semi-clad or ragged, starving children working in factories, shops, hotels, and elsewhere. Some of them have to work in some highly dangerous industries such as explosives factories, match industry, mines, etc.

There may be several reasons for the children being compelled to work. Some of the children are orphans. Others belong to large poor families where every member has to fend for himself. Some poor, illiterate people want to enhance their income by asking their children to earn.

There are innumerable children who work as domestic help. Many of the children working in houses, shops, and mines are no more than bonded labourers. They get very meagre salaries or mostly have to work getting just bare meals and few rags.

Let’s do something to save these helpless children from neglect and cruelty.


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Essay on Child Labour For Students ( 800 words )

Child labour is the worst form of child exploitation. It is widespread all over the world. About one-third of the Indian population are children. A considerable number of them suffer from malnutrition, poverty and diseases. They are illiterate and they get exploited through forced labour. Their plight’ is pitiable’ and though, various programmes were implemented at the national and international levels, many of them continue to lead miserable lives.

The poor illiterate classes believe that more hands bring in more money. Almost every family belonging to this class have four to five children or more. They remain illiterate and help in adding to the income of the family. Thus, parents are indirectly responsible for the exploitation of child labour.

There are about thirty million street children in the world. Out of that, eleven million inhabit’ the streets of India. According to statistical data, one-third of the children who are less than sixteen years of age in our country are engaged in child labour. About seventy-three million children belonging to the age group of ten to fourteen years are engaged in child labour all over the world.

Childhood is the foundation of one’s career. Instead of going to schools, poor children both in rural and urban areas work for a livelihood. Poverty, illiteracy and social backwardness of the parents are the factors that compel children to work.

According to Article 24 of the Constitution of India, no child below the age of 14 years shall be employed to work in any factory or mine or any other dangerous workplace. Various ILO conventions were also adopted. Child labour is thus nearly absent in the organised sector. The unorganised sectors like matchbox factories, firework industries, hand-woven carpet industries glass industries, etc. still employ children. In, spite of several law; forbidding the employment of children below a certain age, the latter are exploited to a large extent.

About 87% of the total child labourers work in rural. Primary farms, plantations, fisheries and cottage industries are given free in the government schools but the children do not go to school as they have to work to add to the income of the family. The abundant supply of child labour lowers the wage rates of adult labourers. The child has to work for long hours in unhygienic and hazardous conditions. Moreover, due to lack of proper nutrition and healthcare, they contract’ various diseases, as a result of which they meet an untimely death. The employer is, however, concerned with his own profit. He takes advantage of their docile nature and their willingness to do monotonous jobs. Besides, they are more trustworthy and they do not form trade unions.

Efforts are being made to increase awareness among people to discourage and not to employ child labour. Western countries have carried out a more effective way to stop child labour. The people boycotted the products which employ child labour in their production. This has led various nations to ban child labour. Child labour is banned in our country too. In 1995, Indian carpet manufacturers, exporters and NGOs created a brand known as Rugnzark which certifies that no child was involved in carpet making.

The government has undertaken several other steps to stop child exploitation. Special schools are established under the auspices” of the National Child Labour Project (NCLP). They provide non-formal education, vocational training, supplementary nutrition, etc. to the children withdrawn from employment. But even such steps have not been satisfactory. The exploitation of child labour still continues.

Today, elementary education has been made compulsory by the government. This has brought a ray of hope for the child labourers. This step of the government will prove fruitful. Along with this, the government should take effective steps to create awareness of the two-child family norm. This will help in tackling’3 the problem easily and quickly.

Academic education even up to the graduation level or higher than that does not always ensure employment. The education system should be reformed. Vocational and technical education should be provided right from the primary stage so that poor students can ‘learn’ and earn’ simultaneously.

Overpopulation, unemployment and poverty are the burning economic problems” that our country is facing. Taking these problems into account, children after a certain level of education can be allowed to take to their family vacation. The work should not be hazardous to their health. Parents should actively guide them. Education will help the children and the youth in choosing ways of earning a livelihood. Employers will then not be able to exploit them for money. Thus, it is the people, including the youth who can help the government in carrying out its efforts to Check or stop child labour.


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