Essay on Honesty is the Best Policy For Students & Children

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Essay on Honesty is the Best Policy For Students & Children

Essay | Paragraph on Honesty is the Best Policy

Honesty is the best policy is an old saying. It lays down for all of us a code of conduct. It is based on morality and spirituality. Honesty is the very basis of all virtue and goodness. Honesty raises a man spiritually. An honest man may have to suffer initial losses but he is bound to earn a place of pride for himself sooner or later. Moreover, honesty brings its own reward. An honest man may have to wait for some time but his rewards are never denied to him. An honest businessman takes some time to establish his position, but once his honesty becomes known, his business goes on progressing by leaps and bounds. The same is the case with honest persons in other fields. Honesty thus pays richly in the long run. Honesty, therefore, is the best policy.


An Essay on Honesty is the Best Policy

The modern age is the age of materialism. In this age, the people do not believe in the age-old dictum that honesty is e best policy. The people are not wrong because they see e corrupt, the dishonest, and the insincere politicians, eurocrats, and business tycoons rolling in wealth. The honest and the sincere people are usually punished for eir honesty.

We admit that the condition of society is pitiable ut even then honesty has its own reward. Honesty may ring poverty and misery in its trail but it also brings with it self-satisfaction, self-respect, and self-confidence. It would not be wrong to say that honesty is the pillar of the world. Dishonest persons may get name and fame temporarily but not permanently. Such people can appear in the Year. Books of one year or two but not in the books of history.

History separates the great from the flimsy. History is the witness that only honest politicians like Abraham Lincoln and Lal Bahadur Shastri, Scientists like Newton, Einstein, and others have outlived all ages. We can never forget great and sincere persons like Mahatma Gandhi, Leo Tolstoy, Martin Luther King only because they devoted their lives to sincerity and noble cause.

No corrupt leader has ever been respected for long. No doubt the dishonest people reap a rich harvest but it is soon washed away. These dishonest people are caught in scams and scandals, are put behind the bars and ultimately their political bosses discard them as rags. But on the other hand, honesty lays the foundations of long-lasting success, peace, and prosperity. Therefore, we must believe in an honest way of life and lead a calm and quiet life.


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