Essay on Handsome is He Who Handsome Does For Students & Children

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Essay on Handsome is He Who Handsome Does For Students & Children

A man is known for his deeds. Real beauty lies in deeds and acts not in features or figures. It is depicted by an old saying that handsome is he who handsome does. It means the work of a person makes him handsome not his looks.

Noble and glorious works make us immortal. Our actions should speak for us. Our actions should spread the fragrance all around. People should remember us for our beautiful tasks. Everybody is definite to die. But those who do wonderful and beautiful actions never die. They always live in their deeds. They always remain alive in the memory of the people.

The time spent on the beautification of the body is worthless. If this time is spent to teach a poor child, he will always remember you for your deed. Help someone in his life in any possible way. You will be alive in his heart, even after you die If an hour in a day is spent in selfless service to humanity, it is a handsome job.

If you save an animal in distress, you do a beautiful task. If you donate a part of your income for the poor you do a wonderful job. This gives an internal satisfaction. It is a permanent work of art and beauty.

Nobody remembers the beauty queens of the world. We all remember Mother Teresa. We do not talk about her beauty but we talk about her beautiful deeds. Physical beauty cannot live forever. It will vanish one day. But beautiful words, beautiful acts, beautiful deeds never die.

Time has wings. It flies away quickly. We should not waste it in enhancing our physical beauty. Rather it should be utilized in doing nice things, serving humanity and mankind. We should remember when we will die, our deeds will make us alive.


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