Essay on A Stitch in Time Saves Nine For Students & Children

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Essay on A Stitch in Time Saves Nine For Students

A Stitch in Time Saves Nine Essay

It is an old saying that a stitch in time can save nine. It teaches us to do things in time. We should never postpone the work. It should always be done at the proper time.

Postponement of works, which we do not like, is a human weakness. Many people are proving it. But to do so is not pleasant. One always has a burden on the mind. The work which is to be done should be done in time. It saves time and effort.

It is especially applicable to students. We keep on postponing learning our lessons. We realize it when the exams approach. We have to give extra time and extra effort to learn those lessons. Sometimes we miss them due to lack of time. But if we keep on learning those lessons side by side, we would be comfortable during exams. In this case, only revision is required, and we are ready for exams.

Similarly, we keep on putting off the reply of letters. All of us do not like to write letters. But putting them off can offend. Our relatives and friends. It would required apologies at a later stage. Apologies and explanations can be saved by replaying letters in time. In the same way, we people ignore our health-related problems. We ignore all the minor problems. These problems, later on, become diseases and we repent. We can save our health by consulting the doctor at an early stage. It will not only save our health but our money and time also.

This saying applies to other important things also. Repairing our clothes or other broken items can save them. If we stitch a hole in any cloth at an early stage, it can save the whole cloth otherwise it can become bigger and spoil the cloth.

We will feel light and unburdened if we do all the things in time. Our inner voice always keeps on telling us about pending jobs. We feel burdened. So, we should listen to it and save our precious time and effort.


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