Essay on Early Rising For Students & Children

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Essay on Early Rising For Students & Children

Nature is at its best in the morning. It is always good to wake up early in the morning. It gives us a fresh body and fresh mind. A person who rises early in the morning is more fresh and active than those who sleep till late. It brings man close to nature.

My whole family gets up early in the morning. We get up at around 5 o’clock in the morning. I and my father go out for a walk daily, My mother takes her bath and goes to the temple, and then she starts working in the kitchen.

There is a big park in front of my house. We go there for a walk. There are many people in the park daily. We walk on the path made up of stone around the park. Some people are taking rest in the park after their walk. Some are walking. Some people are seen running. Some people are doing jogging. There is greenery all around. Birds are heard chirping. It feels as if we are in the lap of mother nature. Some people are doing exercises.

Some people are seen laughing loudly in groups. These are called laughter clubs. Some people do yoga in groups. Others can be seen sitting and talking with each other. Some boys are seen doing cycling outside the park. We sit there for some time after walking.

After attending prayer done by the laughter club Ave come back and get prepared for the day.


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