Essay on Cat in English For Students & Children

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Essay on Cat in English For Students & Children

Cat Essay for Kids class 1,2,3

The cat is a small animal, though it resembles a tiger. It lives in our houses. It is one of our pet animals, Its body is covered with soft, silky hair. It has four short legs and sharp claws hidden in the fleshy pads. When it walks or runs it does not make any sound. Its eyes are bright and they can see even in the dark. The cat is found all over the world. It likes fish and milk. Many keep cats to scare away the mice. But unlike dogs, cats are selfish and dishonest. They steal food from our kitchen. They like comfort. They are usually gentle and playful. They like to play with little children. But at times the cat is very ferocious. Many people think that the cat is a harmful animal, for it spreads various diseases like diphtheria. They advise their children to keep away from the cat.


Essay on Cat in English

The Cat is a domestic pet. It is found in many people’s houses. It belongs to the tiger family. Some cats have striped skins like tigers.

A cat is smaller in size than a dog. It is also quieter than a dog. It has a round head, green eyes, and small pointed ears. It has smooth fur and a rough tongue. Its teeth are small, pointed, and sharp.

A cat is independent by nature. It will not obey its master or be as fond of him as a dog is. It likes warmth and comfort. It finds a cozy chair to sit in, it will curl itself up and go to sleep. A cat is a clean animal. It does not have to be washed. It cleans itself. It licks itself with its rough tongue. It is also cruel like the tiger. It catches and kills rats, mice, and birds. People usually keep cats to get rid of rats and mice. A cat will keep very quiet near a rat hole. The rat jumps out thinking that the cat is not there. Then the cat pounces upon it and kills it. A cat is cruel by nature. It will not kill a mouse at once. It will set it free and, just when it is about to escape, it will pounce upon it and hold it down. A cat has soft paws with which it can walk noiselessly. Hidden in the paws it has sharp pointed claws that can tear anything to pieces. It buries its claws into anything it wishes to kill.

Next to rats and mice, a cat loves fish and milk. It sometimes steals milk and fish if it is not watched. Cats are thievish by nature. A cat mews loudly when it is hungry. It soon learns its name. It answers to its name. Cats and dogs do not like one another. They always fight. Sometimes, when a cat and a dog live in the same house, they learn to be friends. A cat does not bite but it can scratch very badly. So we must keep at a safe distance from a cat’s sharp claws.


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