Essay on A Scene at Railway Station For Students & Children

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Essay on A Scene at Railway Station For Students & Children


Short Essay on a Scene at Railway Station 100 to 150 words

People usually prefer to travel long distances by rail. A railway station is a very crowded place. People come to board trains or to see off or receive their friends and relatives. Here many trains come and go every day. There one can see long queues of passengers at ticket windows. Many coolies in red shirts move in and out with loads on their heads and hands. We see ticket checkers at the gates collecting tickets from outgoing passengers. Inside the railway station, people are seen running here and there. When the train whistles, relatives wave hands to see off each other. Then their prevails calmness. We see tea stalls, and book stalls at every platform. People buy items as eatables for their uses. We also hear announcements made by the rail authorities on loudspeakers or T.V. sets


A Scene at Railway Station Essay in 300 words

I happened to go to the Railway Station to receive my father. He had been away on an official tour. My sister also went with me. We reached the station well in time. I bought two platform tickets. There was a long queue of people at the window. Some people wanted to buy tickets. Others were there to buy platform tickets to welcome or see off their relatives.

Then we went to the platform where the train was to come. There was a great rush. It presented a very colourful scene. Everybody was anxiously waiting for the arrival of the train. Some passengers were sitting on the benches. Others were sitting on the ground beside their luggage. Some people were loitering up and down the platform. Occasionally they looked in the direction from which the train was to come. Some people felt tired and refreshed themselves with tea. Some people were still pouring in with coolies carrying their luggage.

At last, the train arrived. Coolies ran about with luggage. There was great excitement. Every person was in a great hurry to board the train. There were others who were to get down. This resulted in great jostling and elbowing. Some of the passengers ran from one compartment to the other compartment looking for a seat. The vendor boys were moving in and out of the train with eatables. However, tea was in great demand.

We were lucky to spot the father. We heaved a sigh of relief and went for a cup of tea. After about ten minutes, the signal was lowered. The guard whistled and the train steamed off. The relatives of the passengers waved. The train got out of sight. The station staff retired to their rooms. Within a few minutes, the platform gave a deserted look. We started for our residence.


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