Essay on A Scene At A Railway Platform For Students & Children

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Essay on A Scene At A Railway Platform For Students & Children

A Scene At A Railway Platform Essay

Last week, I had to go to Delhi. I had to board a local train. The train was late by about one hour. So, I got an opportunity to observe the scene at the railway platform.

I was at. first, not aware of the train being late, as I did not, bother to look at it. the notice board.

I bought the ticket and made my way to platform no. 4 through the entrance. I was surprised to see that the platform did not have the usual hustle and bustle. I learned from some other passengers like me who had bought tickets and come on to the platform that the train was late.

I saw some people seated on the benches. They were reading newspapers, magazines, and storybooks. Some of them were taking breakfast comprising varied eatables but almost everyone had a cup of coffee in his hand. A few persons were just gossiping.

I could not understand why some people were sitting on their luggage when there was enough room on the benches. Probably, they feared that if they sat on the benches, somebody might run away with their luggage. But one thing even more surprising was that their little children were playing on the platform carelessly and they took no notice of them. Probably, such people were more worried about their luggage than their children.

Of course, the vendors were crying for their wares. It was not a very hot morning. Hence, the demand for cold drinks was not much.

Meanwhile, the train was announced to be arriving. The rush of passengers increased. A number of mail trains had already run past this small station.

Soon, the coolies with luggage on their heads were seen rushing towards the train. I like other passengers moved to-wards the train as it arrived. I could board it easily as it had accommodation enough and to spare.


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