Essay on A Hot Summer Day For Students & Children

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Essay on A Hot Summer Day For Students & Children

Essay on A Hot Day in Summer ( 150 to 250 words )

Many people in India think that summer is a cruel month. This is particularly the feeling in north India.

Last year, 29th June turned out to be a particularly hot day.
As I got up early in the morning, I felt dazed. I came out of my room where I was sleeping in front of a desert cooler. A scorching whiff of wind greeted me.

I rushed in to sit again in front of the dessert cooler. I had even to cancel my morning walk. I took a few glasses of chilly Water to somehow appease my unquenchable thirst.

I had a bath in water in which I had to dissolve some ice cubes to make it cool. Even after bathing in cool water, my body felt no relief as it again heated up quickly in the sizzling atmosphere.

I took cold milk with my breakfast. As I went to school, I felt very upset because of the heat. I found all my friends, and indeed, whomever I met complaining of the heat.

The sun was so hot and full of glare that one who had to go in the sun, felt like going to kiss the gallows.

All-day, I found people taking chilled water soft drinks, ice-creams, cold fruit juices, cold milk, and lassi.

Many people, lost all their appetite because of intense heat. I wondered how the workers worked in fields, factories and on roads, and in markets.

Everybody was sweating profusely. The clothes of everybody were giving out foul smell.

As ordered by the authorities, our school like all other schools was closed at 1 p.m. instead of 3 p.m. which was the usual closing time.

I reached home and shut myself in the cool closed room, not to come out of it till the next day.


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