PTE Sample Essay Environment pollution

Environment pollution is too alarming to be managed by individuals. Real change can be made at the government level. What extent do you agree or disagree?

Environment pollution is the major problem of the 21st century, this issue is haunting the whole world every day. We have to do something within a time, already we are late to respond this problem. Now the question is arising that how we overcame this problem, an individual take step or government can make real change. I think this problem is too big to handle by an individual, the government should take strict decision to control environment pollution.

In many countries we running towards modern world, without thinking about our environment, People are destroying air by the emission of lethal gases from their factories. The heat of is increasing day by day because of on ozone layer. In Antartica glaciers are melting because of this level of the sea is increasing. An individual can not control this issue, so as I said the government should take a step to control environment pollution.

This problem is not related any country, I am talking about the whole world. So the government of every country should take part in the campaign which is running to improve the environment of the world. They should promote NGOs who are fighting with this environmental problem.

In end, I can say that Government of every country should take a step to reduce the impact of environment pollution. If we talk about an individual, yes a single person can make a small difference. We have to change our bad habits to protect our mother earth.

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