Autobiography of an Aeroplane Essay in English for Students

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Autobiography of an Aeroplane Essay in English for Students

I am proud to be one of the marvels of the modern age. I am a monster, a mechanical bird and I live on gasoline. I have a body, wings, and tail like a bird. I owe my birth to modern science. I am efficient and safe as a vehicle only if wisely handled. I have certain enemies whom I cannot bear the sight of. They are blizzards, fog, mist, thunderstorms, and so on.

Sometimes I am praised as the quickest means of transport. Sometimes I am condemned as an instrument of destruction. Please do not condemn me and my kind for we are only helpless instruments in human hands. Men misuse us. They use us to cause death and destruction. But that is not our fault. It is the fault of men. But they will never admit that they are in the wrong.

I am the lord of the air. I fly majestically and gracefully. I am swifter than the swiftest bird. I carry people quickly from one place to another. Thus, I am the quickest and the most comfortable means of travel. Or course, plane accidents do occur at times. So air travel is feared by many people. But efforts are being made to minimize the dangers of air travel. Human error and at rare times the selfish and perverse intent of criminals it is makes air travel unsafe.


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