Autobiography of a Shoe Essay in English for Students

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Autobiography of a Shoe Essay in English for Students

You see me here lying helpless and miserable in a dustbin. As I lie here waiting to be picked up and discarded by the municipal van, I would like to tell you the story of my life.

You’ll never guess how I started life. Once I was on the back of a cow that grazed happily in the fields. In a few years, the cow died. I was removed from the back of the cow and taken to a tannery.

At the tannery, I was cleaned, beaten till I was smooth, and sent to a leather factory. Here I was cut and shaped and stitched into a beautiful shoe. I had a twin brother who looked exactly like me. I really cannot say where he is now.

From the factory, we went into a fashionable store. We were displayed in a shop window. We caught the attention of a rich man’s son. He was a young college boy. He walked into the store and bought me for four hundred rupees.

He carried me home in a box. He wore me with great pride. He looked after me well. He got the shoe-shine boy to polish me daily. He wore me for about two months. Then the fashion in shoes changed. My young master grew tired of me. He brought himself a new pair of shoes of the latest design.

He threw me into a corner. He kicked me around. He did not mind hurting me though I had given him good service. One day his younger brother in a fit of temper threw me out. The sweeper picked me up and deposited me in this dustbin. So my short life has come to an end. Sad and miserable I await my turn to be thrown on a municipal dump-heap.


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