Autobiography of a Car Essay in English for Students

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Autobiography of a Car Essay in English for Students

Don’t you think it’s a pleasure to gaze upon me? I am a lovely blue Cadillac with a long and streamlined body. I still run very smoothly and do not give any bumps when I am driven along a road.

I was born in an automobile factory in the U. S. A. and shipped across the ocean to this country. That was in the good old days when India was a land of Rajas and Maharajas. I had hardly set foot upon Indian soil when His Highness the Maharaja of Mysore fell in love with me. He paid a large amount for the joy of possessing me. His Highness was driven to Mysore in me, He was very pleased with my performance on the road. I gave him smooth service.
At Mysore, I found myself one among a fleet of cars. I could easily tell I was his favourite. He preferred me to all his other cars. I led a luxurious life. I was well cared for by the servants of His Highness.

After I had faithfully served His Highness for a long time, he sold me off to a wealthy merchant. My present master is good to me, He treats me well and I have nothing to complain of but I sometimes recall my past glory and how proud I felt when kings and princes drove in me past a waving and cheering crowd of people.


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