Advised in a Sentence

Sharing the word Advised in a Sentence, These sentences we use in our daily life and are helpful in academic exams. Advised in a Sentence Example.

Advised in a Sentence

Use the word Advised in a sentence, please write sentence with Advised word

1 She advised caution.

2 He advised against it.

3 The doctor advised rest.

4 They advised seeking help.

5 She advised a different approach.

6 He advised careful planning.

7 The counselor advised open communication.

8 They advised starting early.

9 She advised him to study.

10 He advised a healthy diet.

11 The lawyer advised legal action.

12 They advised reviewing the contract.

13 She advised taking breaks.

14 He advised practicing regularly.

15 The teacher advised revision.

16 They advised attending the meeting.

17 She advised following instructions.

18 He advised saving money.

19 The expert advised professional advice.

20 They advised patience.


Write 20  short sentences with Advised word Examples

1 Advised by experts, he invested wisely.

2 Advised to rest, she recovered quickly.

3 Advised against the risky venture.

4 Advised him on proper etiquette.

5 Advised caution in unfamiliar territory.

6 Advised by the weather forecast, he carried an umbrella.

7 Advised a change in strategy.

8 Advised to double-check the details.

9 Advised by the doctor, she took medication.

10 Advised them to read the manual.

11 Advised him to apologize sincerely.

12 Advised by the map, they took the scenic route.

13 Advised against excessive spending.

14 Advised by friends, she pursued her passion.

15 Advised patience while the situation improved.

16 Advised him to seek professional help.

17 Advised by the chef, they paired the wine.

18 Advised caution when crossing the busy street.

19 Advised to consider all options.

20 Advised by elders, he valued wisdom.


Write 30 long sentences of Advised word | Advised word in a sentence examples

1 After careful consideration, the financial advisor advised his client to diversify their investment portfolio for better risk management.

2 The doctor advised the patient to maintain a balanced diet, exercise regularly, and manage stress to improve their overall health.

3 Recognizing the potential dangers, the safety expert advised the construction team to implement stricter safety protocols on the worksite.

4 The teacher advised her students to review their notes and complete practice exercises in preparation for the upcoming exam.

5 Concerned about the legal implications, the lawyer advised his client against signing the contract without seeking legal counsel.

6 When faced with a difficult decision, she sought guidance from a trusted mentor who advised her to follow her intuition.

7 The travel agent advised the vacationers to research the local customs and traditions before visiting a foreign country.

8 Knowing the importance of time management, the project manager advised the team to prioritize tasks and set realistic deadlines.

9 The nutritionist advised her clients to consume a variety of fruits and vegetables to ensure they receive a range of essential nutrients.

10 The therapist advised the couple to attend couples counseling to address the underlying issues in their relationship.

11 The tech expert advised the company to update their cybersecurity measures to protect sensitive data from potential breaches.

12 With the job market evolving, the career counselor advised students to develop a diverse skill set to enhance their employability.

13 The veterinarian advised the pet owner to keep their dog on a regular vaccination schedule to prevent diseases.

14 Recognizing the potential conflict, the mediator advised both parties in the dispute to engage in open dialogue to find a resolution.

15 Advised by a financial planner, the couple started a retirement fund to secure their financial future.

16 Concerned about the environmental impact, the environmentalist advised the community to reduce their carbon footprint and adopt sustainable practices.

17 The fitness trainer advised his clients to incorporate both cardio and strength training into their workout routines for optimal results.

18 The therapist advised her patient to practice mindfulness techniques to manage anxiety and stress.

19 The parenting expert advised new parents to establish a consistent routine to help their children develop healthy sleep patterns.

20 The architect advised the homeowners to consider energy-efficient design elements when renovating their house.

21 The guidance counselor advised the high school students to explore a variety of career paths before making a final decision.

22 Recognizing the need for self-care, the life coach advised her clients to prioritize their mental and emotional well-being.

23 The nutrition expert advised individuals with dietary restrictions to consult a registered dietitian for personalized meal planning.

24 Advised by meteorologists, residents prepared for the impending severe weather by securing outdoor items and stocking up on necessities.

25 The therapist advised the patient struggling with depression to seek professional treatment, emphasizing the importance of early intervention.

26 The financial advisor advised his clients to create an emergency fund to provide a safety net in case of unexpected financial challenges.

27 The coach advised the athletes to focus on consistent practice and skill development to improve their performance on the field.

28 The mentor advised the aspiring writer to read widely and write daily to hone their craft and develop their unique voice.

29 The HR manager advised the job applicant to tailor their resume to highlight relevant skills and experience for the position.

30 Recognizing the importance of work-life balance, the manager advised the employees to take regular breaks and disconnect from work during off-hours.


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