Essay Writing Polygamy has led to massive divorce rate around the globe

Polygamy has led to massive divorce rate around the globe. Give possible solutions for various situations to reduce the issues.


Polygamy – The root cause of the increasing number of divorces in the world with pointers to eradicate the same.

Polygamy is a state of having more than one partner or spouses, either male or female at a given point of time. If a man is in a relationship or married to more than one woman, it is known as polygyny. But if a woman is subject to marriage with more than one man, it is known as polyandry.

It is not a hypothesis but a statistical fact that divorces are on a long-term high because of polygamy. Multiple spouses mean difference of opinion, a difference of interpretation and difference of the state of mind. This, as a result, causes complications between the spouses. Polygamy also causes problems like increasing the expenditure of the household, property & inheritance rights, etc.

The first solution to curb this major problem is to educate people about the negative side of polygamy and the adverse effects it can do to the society as a whole. Even the education systems of different countries should take up a collective step to include these vital topics in the schools. It will go a long way in curbing the problems arising as a result of polygamy.

Secondly, polygamy is an outdated concept, and it has almost disappeared in the urban societies. But it is still prevalent in different parts of the world. Women should feel empowered so that the concept of polygamy could fade away. Women empowerment can increase the status of women in society by making them more independent and giving them the ability to manage their own resources and time skillfully. This solution can also go a long way in curbing divorce cases caused due to polygamy.

Thirdly, stricter laws should be enforced by the government related to polygamy. Most countries have banned the concept of polygamy altogether, though it is still quite prevalent. So harsh punishments and penalization of polygamy are much needed.

For instance, according to some statistical data, 30% of marriages in Damascus were polygamous in the year of 2015. Therefore, the extinction of polygamy is key to a healthier and prosperous society which can be achieved by increasing awareness among the people, by stating its evil effects to the society and organizing campaigns.


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