Academic Essay Some universities offer online courses as an alternative

IELTS Writing Task- Some universities offer online courses as an alternative to classes delivered on campus. Do you think that this is a positive or negative development?


Universities are the course of providing online courses to their students. Where students can learn at their convenient time. It helps students to have knowledge without traveling a long distance to attend classes in colleges. Online courses tend to lower the pressure on students which is created during college hours. As some have to take care of their family along with studying and working for providing better facilities. Students will draft over wide knowledge from the internet and online teacher.

In order to move along with technology advancement, universities have also found out a new way of making students learn. Online studies are said to be one of the best innovative layouts for providing education. Online education or distance education, helps working students regardlessly learn while living in another place.

It is also one of the cheapest ways of providing knowledge to students who can’t afford high admission and tuition fees of universities. With reduced fees, people who can’t have access to top universities can avail education from college as an online course.

Online education or course has flaws too. Parents worry about the knowledge provided to students through online courses. As students show negligence which is a matter of worry for parents. Offline courses provide students better option to have social interaction with others. With the rise in competition, students desire to move ahead of others.

The major issue of online course is the quality of knowledge provided to students. Through offline or regular classes, a teacher can have an eye on the growth of students.

To conclude, online education or courses has more advantages than its flaws if it’s done with a proper plan. Online courses with real time environment are best option to provide knowledge and to check on students performance. It is a positive step towards development for students.

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