10 Lines on Turkey Bird in English for Students

In this article, we are providing Informative 10 lines on Turkey Bird in English Students & kids. In these lines, we have tried our best to give detailed information about Turkey Bird Essay for classes 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12.

10 Lines on Turkey Bird in English for Students


( Set-1 ) 10 Lines on Turkey Bird for students

1 Turkey was once announced as the national bird of America by Benjamin Franklin.

2 Turkeys are social animals that often form flocks with the help of their different vocalization.

3 Male turkeys puff out their feather, fan their tails, and can make characteristic sounds.

4 The domesticated turkeys are solely raised for the meat purpose in festivals.

5 Turkeys can detect danger from a distance with their keen sense of hearing and eyesight.

6 They can run at high speed and fly up to a short distance at a time of danger.

7 Female turkey lays their eggs in a grounded nest to protect them from predators.

8 Turkey can change the color of snood depending on their mood.

9 With the help of United States conservation efforts wild turkeys made a comeback from the verge of extinction.

10 Turkeys birds are agile and distinctive walk despite their large size.

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( Set-2 ) 10 sentences about bird Turkey Bird

1 Turkey is the native bird of North America known for its role in Thanksgiving celebrations.

2 Toms, the male Turkey bird has colorful plumage and distinctive fan-shaped tail feathers.

3 Female Turkey birds are smaller than male birds with flamboyantly colored feathers.

4 Turkey birds can adapt and inhabit different ecosystems that include forests, grasslands, and swamps.

5 The necks of a turkey have unique fleshy growth called a wattle.

6 They feed on seeds, berries, insects, and small amphibians for survival.

7 Turkey birds roost themselves in trees to avoid predators at night time.

8 domesticated turkeys are mostly preferred for their size and meat quality.

9 Male turkey birds use gobbling calls to attract female turkey birds during breeding season.

10 They play a pivotal role in native American culture and folklore.


( Set-3 ) Few Lines bird Turkey Bird

1. Turkey bird is a bird of cock species that is bigger than cock.

2. The turkey bird is mainly found in America and is of two types. The first domesticated turkey bird and the second wild turkey bird.

3. Turkey bird is mainly reared for meat and eggs.

4. The average age of a turkey bird is 10 years.

5. Male turkey bird is bigger than female turkey bird.

6. The feathers of the wild turkey bird are colourful, while the feathers of the female turkey bird are light brown and the feathers of the domesticated turkey bird are white.

7. There is no hair on the part of the neck of the turkey bird and its head turns red when angry.

8. Turkey bird has two legs and each leg has three toes. Their legs are thin and strong.

9. Turkey birds can run at a speed of 80 kilometers per hour and can fly at a speed of 88 kilometers per hour.

10. A female turkey bird lays 14 eggs at a time. She lays one egg every day.

11. Turkey bird is very intelligent. He remembers very well the place where he lives.

12. Turkey bird is omnivorous. It eats fruits, flowers, insects and lizards, etc.

13. There is a hanging flesh on the neck of male and female birds called Wattle.


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