10 Lines on Thar Desert in English

In this article, we are providing 10 Lines on Thar Desert in English for Students & kids. In these lines, we have tried to give the facts, history, and information about Thar Desert Essay for class 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12 students.

10 Lines on Thar Desert in English


( Set-1 ) 10 Lines on Thar Desert for students

1. The Thar Desert is a large desert region in northwest India.

2. It is also known as the Great Indian Desert.

3. Extreme temperatures are common in both the summer and winter in the Thar Desert.

4. There are many plant and animal species that have adapted to the harsh circumstances of the desert, making it their home.

5. The Great Indian Bustard, the Desert Fox, and the Desert Gerbil are just a few of the species that call this region home.

6. Tourists and photographers from all over the globe go to the sand dunes because they may reach heights of up to 150 meters.

7. Several groups of people, like the Rajputs and the Bishnois, have settled in the desert and adapted to living there.

8. Traditional music, dance, and art are all excellent representations of their deep cultural history.

9. Tourists go to the Thar Desert for camel safaris, which allow them to see the huge tracts of sand and learn about the local culture.

10. Visitors to the desert may enjoy traditional sports, camel racing, and folk performances during festivals like the Pushkar Camel Fair and the Desert Festival in Jaisalmer.

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10 Sentences on Thar Desert

10 Lines on Thar Desert


( Set-2 ) 10 Lines on Thar Desert in English

1. Thar Desert is the 9th hottest desert in the world, which is also known as the Great Desert of India.

2. 85 percent of Thar Desert is in India and the remaining 15 percent is in Pakistan.

3. Thar Desert in India is mostly spread over the state and some parts are also in Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, and Gujarat.

4. The climate of the Thar Desert is peculiar. The sand here boils in summer and its temperature goes below zero in winter.

5. Thar Desert is an undulating plain covered with sand dunes.

6. Thar Desert is spread over an area of about 2 lakhs 80 thousand square kilometers.

7. Thar Desert is spreading towards the North East every year and that is the reason that now its part is also seen in Haryana and Uttar Pradesh.

8. It is said that earlier Thar desert used to be a fertile land, but gradually it has turned into a desert due to lack of rain.

9. To stop the increasing desertification day by day, 649 kilometer long Indira Canal has been built so that some greenery can be done.

10. If the entire Thar desert is covered with solar panels, 1 year’s consumption of sandalwood can be supplied to the whole of India.

11. Only a few villages are inhabited very far away in the Thar Desert and the people here mainly rear camels, which is also called the companion of the desert.



Q. Where is the Thar Desert located??
Ans. Gujarat, Rajasthan, and some parts of Punjab, Haryana, and Sind regions of Pakistan

Q. Which is the biggest desert in India??
Ans. Thar Desert

Q. Other names of Thar Desert?
Ans. The Great Indian Desert

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