10 Lines on Summer Season For Students & Children in English

In this article, we are providing Informative 10 lines on Summer Season in English. In these lines, we have tried our best to give detailed information about Summer Season. Few Lines Essay on Summer Season for classes 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12

10 Lines on Summer Season For Students & Children in English

Ten | 10 Lines on Summer Season In English For Students

1. Summer season is the longest and the hottest season of the year.
2. Summer season begins at the end of March and continues up till the first week of July.
3. Summer seasons come after the spring seasons and before the rainy season.
4. During the summer season, the day becomes longer and the night becomes stronger.
5. During the summer season, the sky becomes clear and the sun shines bright.
6. The temperature is at its peak during the summer season and there is a lack of water in all ponds, rivers, and wells.
7. Children enjoy a summer vacation of one month and go to hilly areas for fun.
8. Mango, watermelon, and musk melon are the most fascinating things about the summer season.
9. During the summer season, people tend to wear light-colored cotton clothes.
10. Summer season is beneficial for agricultural activities but sometimes the excess of heat is harmful to crops.


Some | Few Lines on Summer season in English for Kids

1. Summer season is the hottest season of the whole year and the most loved season by some people.
2. This season arrives after the spring season, and it starts in the mid of April and lasts till July.
3. In this season, the sun shines brightly and rises early in the morning.
4. Days are longer, nights are shorter in this season, and summer is at its peak.
5. People wear light color and cotton clothes during this season, some people also use umbrellas to protect themselves from extreme hot sunlight.
6. People like to visit hill stations, beaches, forests, and cooler regions during this season.
7. People also like to stay indoors under fans, coolers, and air conditioners.
8. It is the season of cold water, ice creams, and cold drinks.
9. Students enjoyed this season a lot because of their grand summer vacations.
10. A variety of fruits comes in this season people enjoy it by eating them and drinking their juices.


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