10 Lines on Sparrow Bird For Students & Children in English

In this article, we are providing Informative 10 lines on Sparrow Bird in English. In these lines, we have tried our best to give detailed information about Sparrow Bird. 10 Lines Essay on Sparrow Bird for classes 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12

10 Lines on Sparrow Bird For Students & Children in English

( Set-1 ) Few Lines on Sparrow Essay in English for kids ( 100 words )

The Sparrow is a little bird.

It is brownish-black in colour.

It has two thin legs.

A sparrow has a small beak that is strong and sharp.

It likes to eat bread, grains, rice, crumbs.

When a sparrow chirps in the early morning, it is really a pleasant sound.

A sparrow leads its life in flocks.

They generally fly together and sit on crop plants.

They are helpful to human beings, as they kill away the insects which harm human beings.

They make a nest, lay their eggs, and hatch it, then the baby sparrow comes out.


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( Set-2 ) Essay 10 Lines on Sparrow Bird in English

1 Sparrows are greyhead and white-neck small passerine birds found worldwide.

2 Sparrows can survive in urban and rural landscapes because of their adaptability in environments.

3 Sparrow birds form flocks and make chattering atmosphers together.

4 They can capture insects in mid-flight with their agile movement in the air.

5 Sparrows also work as pest control and stay on seeds, grains, and insects.

6 They make distinctive chirping sounds while flying in the air.

7 Sparrows can build their nests from nooks to crannies of buildings.

8 Sparrow is a symbol of simplicity, community, and joy in different cultures.

9 Sparrows are on the verge of extinction due to urbanization.

10 To maintain the balance of the ecosystem, sparrows play a vital role.


( Set-3 ) Ten | 10 Lines on Sparrow Bird In English For Students

1. Sparrow is a small beautiful bird whose length is between 11-18 centimeters. Sparrows belong to the family of Passeridae.

2. Sparrows are generally found in the continents of Asia and Europe.

3. There are more than 30 species of sparrows known in the world.

4. Sparrows are generally brown and grey in color having two wings.

5. The powerful beak of the sparrow is yellow in color and they eat grain seeds, flowers, and small insects.

6. Sparrows are also known as goraiya, chidiya and chakli, etc.

7. Sparrows are social animals and generally build their nest near houses and buildings.

8. Sparrows make the pleasant sounds of chi chi while chirping.

9. In today’s era, due to deforestation and cellular networks, there is a decrease in the number of sparrows.

10. Every year we celebrate world sparrow day on 20th March.

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( Set-4 ) Some | Few Lines on Sparrow Bird in English for Kids

1. The length of the sparrow bird is 14–16 cm and the eyes of the bird have a black color and their legs are brown.

2. The average age of the sparrow bird is 4-7 years old and it likes to live in a group.

3. Many species of sparrow birds are found in India, out of which the bird is the smallest and most beautiful bird.

4. It makes its nest in most houses near humans and lays 2-4 eggs at a time.

5. The scientific name of the sparrow is Passeridae.

6. It eats grains and seeds of many types of flowers as well as insects harmful to crops.

7. There are mainly 43 species of sparrow such as House sparrow, American tree sparrow, and many more.

8. A sparrow symbolizes joy and security and it also shows the symbol of simplicity and unity.

9. Sparrow Day is celebrated every year on 20 March.

10. The purpose of celebrating this day is to increase awareness of sparrows in maximum and save it.


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