10 Lines on Plastic Bag And Its Harmful Effects For Students & Children

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10 Lines on Plastic Bag And Its Harmful Effects


10 Lines Plastic bags and their harmful effects

1. Plastic bags are widely used throughout the whole world, despite the fact that they are very harmful to the environment.

2. Nearly more than a trillion plastic bags are used by people around the world.

3. Plastic bags are discarded by people after one use, rather than being reused or recycled.

4. Plastic bags are one of the main causes of water pollution, as plastic waste is usually dumped into water bodies.

5. The Wrong disposal of plastic bags leads to many animals eating them by mistake and choking themselves, as such many animals happen to lose their life.

6. Burning of plastic bags leads to the release of toxic fumes which can cause deadly diseases when inhaled.

7. Plastic waste when dumped in landfills causes the soil to lose its fertility.

8. The soil that contains plastic waste produces toxic grains and fruits.

9. Many species have become extinct because of the pollution caused by plastic bags.

10. Wrong disposal procedures cause clogging of drainage systems.


Lines on Plastic Bag And Its Harmful Effects

10 Points on Harmful Effects of Plastic Bags


10 Points on Harmful Effects of Plastic Bags

1. Only 1 in 20 plastic bags are recycled.

2. Plastic bags cause depletion of our natural resources.

3. Plastic bags dumped in water bodies cause the marine animals to feel suffocated, as plastic hinders the air passage.

4. It can take nearly a thousand years for plastic to break down.

5. Plastic can cause floods, due to the clogging of drainage systems.

6. Many governments have banned the commercial use of plastic bags.

7. People should seek other alternatives to plastic bags like cloth and jute bags.

8. Plastic bags for packing should be avoided in daily use products like milk, butter, etc.

9. A proper disposal procedure should be followed for plastic bags.

10. More research should be conducted in order to get better alternatives to replace the use of plastic bags.


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