10 lines on Independence Day of India For Students & Children in English

In this article, we are providing Informative 10 lines on Independence Day in English. In these lines, we have tried our best to give detailed information about Independence Day of India. Lines on Independence Day for classes 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12

10 lines on Independence Day of India For Students & Children in English

Ten | 10 lines on Independence Day in English for Students

1. Every year on 15th August we celebrate Independence Day as on this day in 1947, India got independence from the British Rule.

2. Independence Day is one of the national festivals of India.

3. It is celebrated to relive the moments of independence and to commemorate the sacrifices of those who had lost their lives in this struggle.

4. Every year the prime minister of India hosts the national flag” Tiranga” at Red Fort.

5. Although it’s a national holiday many schools and colleges organize various cultural events to celebrate this day.

6. Independence day is the most significant day of Indian history and after independence, India becomes the biggest democracy in the world.

7. On this day, every person feels proud and honored.

8. On this day, there is a feeling of patriotism in the environment.

9. On this day, all roads of India are enhanced with tricolors.

10. It is also a celebration of unity in diversity.


Some | Few Lines on Independence Day for Kids

1. Independence Day is celebrated every year on 15 August. It is the national festival of India.

2. The parade is organized by the ministry of defense on Rajpath to show our Social and Cultural heritage.

3. The whole Program is covered by Doordarshan and we see the live telecast on Television.

4. The chief guests from various countries also participate in this program.

5. The Indian Tri forces and CAPF also participate in this parade and Performers from these forces are also Awarded gallantry awards.

6. People also celebrate independence day by flying kites and By hoisting flags on their roofs.

7. There is a high level of security is maintained in Delhi NCR because the VIPs from all over India are in one place.

8. We also celebrate Independence day by singing patriotic songs in our school And also perform many Cultural programs.

9. To get Freedom our freedom fighters sacrificed their lives And fought with Britishers and finally, we get freedom.

10. This(2020)year we have celebrated 74th independence day.


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