10 lines on Global Warming For Students & Children in English

In this article, we are providing Informative 10 lines on Global Warming in English. In these Sentences | lines, we have tried our best to give detailed information about Global Warming problem. A short Essay | lines on Global Warming for classes 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12 and competitive exams.

10 lines on Global Warming For Students & Children in English

10 Points on Global Warming

1. Global Warming refers to the phenomenon of increasing average surface temperature of the land surface.

2. It is caused due to excessive pollutants between the surface and the ozone layer.

3. It results in the melting of glaciers and rising the sea level

4. Many low-lying areas like Jakarta, Indonesia, Houston are prone to be underwater.

5. Recently Maldives government arranged an underwater parliament session to divert the global attention toward the crisis.

6. Many corals species like Staghorn coral are extent due to an increase in non-bearable temperature.

7. Polar bears and ice leopards are vulnerable to extinction due to Global warming.

8. Big industries play a vital role by excreting the pollutants in a very large quantity.

9. Government authorities are trying to implement rules and regulations on industries but no satisfactory result.

10. Global warming needs to be stopped so that many species and low-lying areas live in perfect harmony.


10 Lines about Global Warming

1. Global warming is the increase in the earth’s atmospheric temperature due to the increased percentage of carbon dioxide gas.

2. The process of global warming is known as the greenhouse effect.

3. The regulation of greenhouse gas emission is important to control global warming.

4. Global warming results in extreme changes in the climate.

5. The rise in global temperature also causes the melting of glaciers and the rise in sea level.

6. The unpredictable climate changes affect agriculture as well.

7. Global warming has led many species of birds and animals towards extinction.

8. Deforestation is also one of the major causes of global warming.

9. Planting more trees can help in removing the problem of global warming.

10. It is important to spread awareness among individuals to fight against this problem.


global warming 10 lines


Ten lines on Global Warming in English for Students

1. The increase in the average surface temperature of the earth is known as global warming.

2. The main driver of global warming is the consumption of fossil fuels.

3. Greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, methane, etc. cause an increase in global warming.

4. Global warming means the increase in heat on the earth’s surface and the warming up of the oceans.

5. In today’s era, global warming is a global issue.

6. Global warming has a negative impact on all kinds of life including humans, birds, plants, and animals.

7. The increased heat due to global warming may cause various heat-related illnesses and deaths.

8. By using renewable sources of energy, we can reduce the consumption of fossil fuels which results in the reduction of global warming.

9. By decreasing the use of carbon, global warming can be reduced to a greater extent.

10. Planting more and more trees will also help in reducing global warming.


Few Lines on Global Warming For Kids

1) The global increase in temperature of the Earth is known as global warming

2) Increase in population and greenhouse gases is the main cause of global warming.

3) Greenhouse gases like carbon monoxide and sulfur dioxide cause global warming.

4) The earth’s ozone layer is also going to deplete due to the causes of global warming.

5) It also leads to climate change and creates a problem for our agriculture.

6) Due to it, earth temperature and our ecosystem also get disturbed and creates many environmental problems.

7) Sea level is also increasing because the warm temperature is making glaciers melt.

8) Rise in sea level causes coastal areas to flood.

9) Global warming is a global concern for every country and we people are responsible for it.

10) The best solution to avoid this situation of global warming is to plant more and more trees.


# 5 Lines on Global warming in English # Some Sentence | lines on Global warming

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