10 Lines on Ajanta Caves in English for Students

In this article, we are providing 10 Lines on Ajanta Caves in English for Students & kids. In these lines, we have tried to give detailed information about Ajanta Caves in English ten line essay for students.

10 Lines on Ajanta Caves in English for Students


( Set-1 ) 10 Lines on Ajanta Caves for students

1 Ajanta Caves is known for its Buddhist rock-cut cave temples and is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

2 The caves showcase the Buddhist art and architecture from the 2nd Century BCE.

3 It has over 30 decorated caves which include monasteries and prayer halls.

4 The caves are a testament to the rich cultural and religious heritage of India during the Gupta Period.

5 The paintings depict the life of Buddha, Jataka tales and other Buddhist deities.

6 The artwork showcases the skills and craftsmanship of Indian artisans.

7 The paintings are made with techniques like fresco and tempera that are considered to be masterpieces.

8 The pillars of caves have distinctive carvings that reflect the aesthetic sensibilities of the time.

9 The Buddhist art in caves is not bound to India but its significance can be seen in Asia too.

10 Tourists visit caves for its mesmerizing journey into India’s rich artistic, religious and architectural heritage.

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( Set-2 ) 10 Lines on Ajanta Caves in English

1 Ajanta Caves are the ancient Buddhist cave temples situated in Maharastra, India.

2 The caves are carved in rock cliff from 2nd century BCE to 6th century CE.

3 Caves are known for its unique painting and sculptures carved of Buddhism.

4 It showcase the intricate artistry with depicting the life of Buddha.

5 Around 30 caves offer unique architectural and artistic styles.

6 In Asia, Buddhist art is completely influenced by the Ajanta Caves art.

7 Designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, they attract visitors worldwide.

8 Each cave tells a story of India’s rich cultural heritage.

9 They serve as a testament to ancient Indian craftsmanship and devotion.

10 Tourists visit caves to explore the ancient Indian artistry and Buddhism.

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