Punctuality Essay in English For Students and Children

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Punctuality Essay in English For Students and Children

Short Essay on Punctuality in 100 words

Being on time for an appointment is a habit that should be sincerely cultivated. Because on this habit depends a lot of functions of one’s life. For example, while going on a journey, if a person is not on time, he may miss the train or the flight. One may lose an important contract in business if he does not reach on time. A personal reputation may be permanently damaged for being late. In a civilized society not being punctual is considered impolite and rude. Hence it is necessary that a man should cultivate the habit of always being on time. By being punctual we not only do not keep others waiting but also earn respect and goodwill.


Punctuality Essay in English 150 words

Punctuality means doing something at the time fixed for it. So a punctual man is he who has al time for everything and who does everything on time. Such a man is disciplined and honest in everything. He never keeps anybody waiting for him. He never fails to attend to every bit of business in time. To him time is very valuable, so he never wastes it. As he does all his work on time he can do more work than others. He never neglects his duties, never runs away from his tasks, and is never late anywhere. A punctual man has the habit of considering everything important, So he never rests before doing everything he is expected to do. Punctuality is the secret of success in life. All successful men in our world are punctual. To them, nothing is more precious than time.


Essay on Punctuality 400 to 500 words

Punctuality and discipline are the surest qualities of fine character because our character is the result of our conduct. It is said that very few people observe punctuality in their day-to-day activities. This has become a part of our national culture. No function, no election meeting, and no office work ever start in time. The invitees knowingly start late from home for a marriage reception or a birthday party. The leader will report for a public address at least an hour late. The officer arrives late, the clerks follow their boss.

Punctuality means arriving at the appointed time. Whatever we do, the time factor plays a significant role. Time is a tyrant. it does not wait for anybody. The hands of the clock move on steadily. Either we keep pace with it or be left behind to repent. Time is precious. Time is short. We cannot afford to lose it. There is a famous saying: ‘Catch time by the forelock’. Face it resolutely if you want success in life. Make the best use of time which also means opportunity.

Punctuality is a matter of habit and training. It is essential for efficiency in any profession and in any business. Slackness is the thief of time and also of our happiness. If you are to post a letter to keep an engagement or reach your college or office, your punctuality will bring rich rewards. You will command respect and goodwill. You will never be in mad haste which often results in accidents.

It is a pity that most of us in this country do not have proper time-sense. We go by the so-called ‘Indian time’ which means late by half an hour. We have mastered the art of doing nothing or postponing action, of making avoidable delays. In the West punctuality is the watchword. The trains are punctual to a second. No work is kept pending for nothing. Common life is governed by the clock. They know the value of time. They calculate time by a fraction of a second. We Indians think in terms of days, months or even changing seasons. That explains a wide gap between the two. They are progressive, we are lethargic. We don’t observe punctuality in taking breakfast or meals. Our hours of work or study or even steep are irregular and uncertain. If punctuality causes a bit of tension, unpunctuality brings disaster. It can ruin your chance of promotion, your career, and your business. Cultivate the golden habit of punctuality which will save your precious time and energy.


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