Should Parents be held legally responsible for their children’s acts

PTE Academic Essay- Parents should be held legally responsible for their children’s acts. What is YOUR opinion? Support it with personal examples.

Children are essentially a reflection of their parents. Like a sponge, they absorb everything they see and experience from their immediate surroundings. Good parenting helps the child inculcate values and ethics from his parents and apply them in his life. Although there is often a debate on who should be responsible for a child’s action, I strongly believe that the parents should be held legally accountable.

The very first teachers that a child encounters in his life are his parents. How a parent act treats another human being or animal deeply affects a child’s psychology and actions. For instance, if a parent behaves humanely with a fellow human being who isn’t too well off, treating the latter with respect and humanity, the child is bound to absorb and apply this in his own life and interactions with other people. As a child is growing up, he learns language, culture, ethics, manners etc. from his parents. Oftentimes, if there is an element of violence in the household, the child grows up with a violent streak in him. He could be a danger to himself or the society. This further emphasizes the fact that a parent should be legally responsible for a child’s actions.

How a child behaves in society is a direct result of what his parents have taught him. When a child does well at his school, for instance, society lauds his parents for their impeccable parenting. On the opposite end of the spectrum, should a child get lost in his way and resort to petty theft or minor crimes, it should be the parent’s duty to discipline the child and get him back on the right path.

My father retired as a director of a PSU and throughout his career, he always emphasized that there is no shortcut to success. His two cents have helped me shape my own career where working hard to achieve something has always been my top priority. This is an example of how a parent’s actions were taken forward by a child.

In conclusion, parenting is very crucial in shaping a child’s future. A parent should always lead by example since a child will mirror a parent’s actions. Children are vulnerable to character molding and this should be done with careful application of parental control.

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