Mango Pickle Processing Writing

Study the following flow-chart and describe how ‘mango-pickle’ is prepared ( recipe mango pickle processing writing ) in 100 words

Mango Pickle Processing Writing

Making Process of Mango Pickle flow chart- Mango-buying-sorting and removing rotten ones-cleaning-cutting into pieces-drying-mixing (salt + mustard oil + chili)-keeping on a big flat pot in the sun-pouring into jars.

Preparation of Mango Pickle Writing-Mango-pickle is prepared through several stages. At first, mangoes are bought from the market for the preparation of mango-pickle. Then the good and fresh mangoes are sorted out and the rotten ones are rejected. The sorted good mangoes are then cleaned well in water. They are next peeled and cut into small pieces which are dried in the sun for a few days. After the drying is done, the pieces of mangoes are mixed with the required amount of salt, mustard oil, and chili. The mixture is then kept in a big flat pot in the sun for a few days. Finally, the mango pickle is prepared and it is put and preserved in jars for future use.


# Processing of mango pickle
# Preparation of Mango Pickle Paragraph

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