IELTS Cue Card Topic- Describe something useful you learned from a member of your family

IELTS Speaking Part 2 Cue Card topic- Describe something useful you learned from a member of your family

You should say-

-What you learned
-How this became useful later in your life
-Have you taught it to someone
and explain why it was important for you
Sample Answer-
Recently, I was going through a rough patch in my life, and one of my very close cousins sat me down and told me that I could never cling or hold on to anything in life. He said that change is the way of life and nothing lasts forever. All things in life are temporary, and we need to keep this in mind in all walks of life.This piece of information became really useful to me as now, whether it is work or relationships, I don’t expect things to stay forever and hence, I am less invested in them emotionally. This helps me get rid of the later hurt that is bound to happen.

I have passed on this teaching to several of my friends in need including my best friend who recently lost someone very close in her life. This helped her come to terms with the reality of her present life.

This teaching was really essential for me, and it came at the right time. I was going through a tough break up that resulted in an agonizing heartache. This gave me the strength to let go and have faith in the better things in my life. I am forever indebted to my cousin for this invaluable advice.

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