IELTS Cue Card- Describe an interesting advertisement you watched on TV

IELTS Speaking Part 2 Cue Card ( Model Answer with structure ) – Describe an interesting advertisement you watched on TV

You Should Say-

what it was
when you watched it
what it was about
And explain why it was interesting

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Model Answer-

Jewellery Advertisement- Tanishq’s Divyam collection

About the Advertisement-
The advertisement is in relation to gold jewellery being gifted to family members on the auspicious day of the festival of Lights (Diwali).

When did I watch it?
It was shown on television very recently during the Diwali festival and I really loved the heart-warming concept.

What was the ad about?
The advertisement stars actress Deepika Padukone and her real-life parents showing the love for each other through gifting priceless and beautiful jewellery. It showed the whole family doing the annual chores before Diwali arrives. Cleaning the house, fixing lights, making sweets, designing rangoli etc. were shown quite seamlessly here. Everyone gets ready and Deepika finds a box of jewellery gift in her cupboard just like always, given by her father. She is filled with joy and nostalgia.

Why was it so interesting?
In today’s time love, togetherness, teamwork, with a hint of fun within families is rarely found in advertisements. The whole Tanishq ad portrayed a sense of simplicity in a traditional system of gifting happiness without failing to send the right message of unity and prosperity. Everyone would relate to this small clip with a subtle smile. It showed that something’s will never change despite how far or busy lives we live.

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