Exhausted in a Sentence

Sharing the word Exhausted in a Sentence, These sentences we use in our daily life and are helpful in academic exams. Exhausted in a Sentence Example.

Exhausted in a Sentence

Use the word Exhausted in a sentence, please write sentence with Exhausted word

1 She felt exhausted after the long hike.

2 The marathon left him utterly exhausted.

3 Working overtime made her feel exhausted.

4 His body was physically exhausted.

5 The journey left them mentally exhausted.

6 The project left him emotionally exhausted.

7 She collapsed, completely exhausted.

8 The relentless studying left him drained and exhausted.

9 The heatwave made everyone feel exhausted.

10 After the long flight, they were exhausted.

11 The intense workout session left her exhausted.

12 The busy week left him mentally and physically exhausted.

13 Lack of sleep left her feeling exhausted.

14 The demanding schedule made him exhausted.

15 The emotional turmoil left him emotionally exhausted.

16 The stress of the situation left her mentally exhausted.

17 The constant noise left him mentally exhausted.

18 After the eventful day, they were exhausted.

19 The illness left her weak and exhausted.

20 The non-stop activities made them feel utterly exhausted.


Write 20  short sentences with Exhausted word Examples

1 Exhausted from the long hike.

2 Exhausted after the all-nighter.

3 Exhausted from the busy day.

4 Exhausted by constant stress.

5 Exhausted by the heat.

6 Exhausted, but still smiling.

7 Exhausted from the workout.

8 Exhausted after the race.

9 Exhausted from lack of sleep.

10 Exhausted by emotional turmoil.

11 Exhausted by the demands.

12 Exhausted from the journey.

13 Exhausted but determined.

14 Exhausted after the flight.

15 Exhausted from the commute.

16 Exhausted from the illness.

17 Exhausted by endless tasks.

18 Exhausted, needing rest.

19 Exhausted from studying.

20 Exhausted, seeking solace.


Write 30 long sentences of Exhausted word | Exhausted word in a sentence examples

1 After days of non-stop studying for the exams, she was mentally and physically exhausted, and desperately in need of a break.

2 The long hours at the construction site left the workers utterly exhausted, their bodies aching and their energy drained.

3 Dealing with the constant demands of her job and family responsibilities left her emotionally exhausted, struggling to find a moment of respite.

4 The relentless heatwave that swept through the city left the residents exhausted, seeking refuge from the scorching temperatures.

5 The emotional rollercoaster of planning the wedding had left the couple utterly exhausted, questioning whether the stress was worth it.

6 The extensive renovations on their home left the family financially exhausted, realizing that unforeseen expenses had taken a toll on their budget.

7 The arduous process of caring for her ailing parent left her physically exhausted, but the love and dedication kept her going.

8 The cross-country road trip sounded exciting at first, but after days of driving, they were exhausted and eager to reach their destination.

9 The sleepless nights spent tending to her newborn had left the new mother utterly exhausted, longing for a full night’s rest.

10 The constant pressure to meet deadlines and exceed expectations at work had left him mentally exhausted, questioning his career choices.

11 The rigorous training regimen leading up to the competition left the athlete physically exhausted, but determined to give their best performance.

12 The emotionally charged arguments between the siblings had left the family exhausted, yearning for a sense of harmony and peace.

13 The emotional toll of supporting her friends through their difficulties left her emotionally exhausted, yet she wouldn’t trade her role for anything.

14 The ongoing political unrest had left the citizens emotionally exhausted, hoping for a resolution that would bring stability and peace.

15 The caregiver’s tireless dedication to looking after her elderly charge left her physically exhausted, but she found purpose in her role.

16 The exhaustive research process required for the academic paper left the student mentally exhausted, but they were proud of the thoroughness.

17 The intense training sessions leading up to the performance left the dancers physically exhausted, yet ready to showcase their talent.

18 The constant disruptions caused by the noisy neighbors left the residents of the apartment building mentally exhausted, yearning for some quiet.

19 The emotional toll of volunteering at the animal shelter left her emotionally exhausted, yet the joy of helping the animals kept her going.

20 The financial strain of supporting their large family had left the parents emotionally and financially exhausted, always seeking ways to provide.

21 The overwhelming workload at the office left him utterly exhausted, questioning if the corporate ladder was worth the sacrifice.

22 The ongoing battle against a chronic illness had left him physically exhausted, yet his spirit remained resilient and hopeful.

23 The exhausting process of moving to a new city, finding a job, and settling into a new routine left her drained but excited for the future.

24 The emotional wounds from past relationships had left her emotionally exhausted, making it difficult to open up to new possibilities.

25 The continuous demands of running a small business left the entrepreneur exhausted, but the sense of accomplishment kept them motivated.

26 The sleepless nights spent caring for her newborn twins left the new mother completely exhausted, but the smiles on their faces were worth it.

27 The months of juggling a demanding full-time job, evening classes at the university, and caring for her ailing mother had left Sarah utterly exhausted, her energy reserves depleted and her spirit longing for a moment of respite and renewal.

28 The daunting task of sifting through historical archives, conducting interviews, and analyzing data for her doctoral thesis on the socio-economic impact of industrialization had left Emily mentally and emotionally exhausted, but her passion for uncovering untold stories and shedding light on overlooked narratives fueled her determination.

29 The intense rehearsals and late-night preparations leading up to the theatrical performance had left the cast and crew exhausted, yet the standing ovation from the audience filled us with a sense of accomplishment that made it all worth it.

30 As a caregiver for my aging parents, the daily demands of medical appointments, household tasks, and emotional support had left me emotionally exhausted, constantly teetering between moments of deep frustration and profound compassion.


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