Essay on Value of Games For Students & Children

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Essay on Value of Games For Students & Children

Value of Games Essay 

The future of a nation depends on its citizens. The citizens carry the responsibility of running their country. They put their country on the path of progress and prosperity. So the citizens should be healthy and active. They should have a sound body and a sound mind. A sound body can be attained by games and sports.

When we play games, we get exercise. While playing games we get perspiration. This perspiration is good for health. Playing in open helps in inhaling fresh air. Fresh air is very good for the respiratory system. The body gets the required oxygen. It produces great energy in the body. It keeps the body active and one does not get easily tired. Games enhance our body stamina.

While playing games our digestive capacity improves. After physical exertion one feels hungry and eats well. Food gets properly digested. It produces enough energy for our body’s requirements. One feels light and fresh all the time.

Apart from physical fitness, games play important role in mental strengthening. Sports make a person bold and brave. He struggles for victory. He learns how to pass through adverse circumstances. He learns to keep her mental poise.

Games and sports develop the personality of a person. They teach us sportsmanship, team spirit, and cooperation. We get disciplined, as we learn to follows rules and regulations. We also learn fairness. They fill in our national pride.

People nowadays choose games and sports as their careers. They have become a medium of earning name, fame, and money. Games such as cricket. Football, hockey, etc. are more popular among people as a career. So games have an important role in our lives. We should understand the value of games.


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