Essay on Religion in English For Students and Children

We are Sharing an essay on Religion in English for students and children. In this article, we have tried our best to provide a very short Religion Essay for Classes 5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12, and Graduation in 100, 200, 300, 400, 500 words.

Essay on Religion in English For Students and Children

Religion Essay

Religion is a relation between man and God. Religion is not an act of belonging to a creed, a temple, or a church. It is an inward acceptance of one’s consciousness to the Almighty, and thus one belongs to the Divine whole.

Religion is a sacrifice. It is a dedication to self. It is not an emotion, nor a psychic phenomenon. The progression of the religious consciousness from level to level is an ascent of wholeness. Religion includes the whole of one’s life. Life becomes religion and religious life when man’s life is on the way to be transformed into a worship of the Divine Ideal. Man’s vital satisfaction and fulfillment of emotional needs are part of his religious life.

In Sanskrit, the word dharma means righteous-ness of the law that, harmonizes religion with the discipline of life. The universality of God is the reason behind the law of harmony among all the individuals in the world. So men, claiming to belong to different sects or institutions under different banners, are not really men of true religion. True religion teaches one to love and respect another man and to have compassion for all the creatures of the world, animate or inanimate. True religion leads one to the path of the eternal truth—the path towards the godhead. A man becomes god only when he is endowed with divine qualities.

In religion, the highest mode of absolute existence is known as ‘God’. Religion signifies the inner experience which reveals to the mind the real meaning and purposes of life. Religion is the inner realization of the highest truth in life. So one should not consider religion in its dogmatic sense. It is a system, a principle, a transforming experience of spiritual consciousness, and not a theory of God. Belief and conduct, rites and ceremonies, dogmas, and authorities become meaningless if self-realization by close contact with the Divine can not be achieved.

Thus it can be seen that the difference of sectarian principles causing conflict and even blood-shed among the narrow-minded fanatics in the name of so-called religion or God is baseless. A man of religion should love another man without any discrimination. As soon as a man attains divine knowledge and qualities, he becomes godly and behaves accordingly, without any malice or hatred towards others. That is true religion.


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