Essay on Recycling in English For Students & Children

We are Sharing an Essay on Recycling in English for students and children. In this article, we have tried our best to provide a Short Essay on the Benefits of Recycling for Class,6,7,8,9,10,11,12 in 100, 150, 200, 300, 400, 500 words.

Essay on Recycling in English For Students & Children

Why Recycling is Important Essay

Though you’ve been told most of your life that recycling is important, have you ever stopped to think about what the real advantages of recycling are? First, let’s take a look at what recycling is. It is the act of recreating applicable products for them to be used again. In other words, rather than throwing away your old plastic or glass bottles, aluminum cans, and certain types of paper, you can simply recycle them and they will go through a cleaning and remanufacturing process to be remade into a new usable item.

One of the main reasons recycling is so beneficial is that it cuts down on the amount of waste that is discarded via incinerators or landfills. Since there is a great deal of waste created each day across the globe, getting rid of it effectively has always been a major concern. For example, there have been numerous US-based landfills that have reached their holding capacity. This leaves local lawmakers at a loss for what to do next.

In addition, this also means that fewer recyclable items are created. In other words, if everyone learned to recycle, beverage and other liquid distributors could use more recycled containers because there would be more to go around.

However, the fact is that Americans consume more products than they recycle. What this means is that after Katty finishes her soft drink, rather than recycling the can, she throws it in the trash and moves on to the next drink.

Somewhere down the line, Katty’s recycled can could have prevented Sam’s can from having to be created from brand new aluminum.

Obviously, if people are recycling their products, there must be trained professionals to man the recycling plants. Such workers are needed to separate any trash that may have ended up inside the recycling bins, and prevent it from going through the cleaning and sanitizing process.

Therefore, the recycling process has the potential to add many new jobs to the US economy over the next several years. If the current generations keep producing new items that pollute the air, filling up landfills, and such, the planet is not going to be able to sustain human life forever.

By recycling, you can prevent new toxic types of plastic from being created, save energy, and help reduce the amounts of greenhouse gases that are damaging the atmosphere.

With that being said, if you do not currently have a recycling program in place at your home or office, then it may be the perfect time to check into one! Let’s face it – making a change around the world is going to take help from everyone. So, get your friends, family, and neighbors on the recycling bandwagon. By the time you explain all the advantages of recycling, how can anyone refuse to get involved? It takes little to no effort and if you wish you can make it as fun as you want; make it a game or even a contest!


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