Essay on Leisure in English For Students & Children

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Essay on Leisure in English For Students & Children

Essay on Leisure in English ( 300 words )


The human body is like a machine. It requires some rest after doing some work. This rest is usually known as leisure.

This world is full of stress and strain. The world in which we live in a busy world of hustle and bustle. All this has a heavy toll on our delicate nervous system. If we do not take rest or have some moments of leisure, we shall go mad.

It is for this reason that leisure is important in our life.
Most of the people, however, do not know how to spend their moments of leisure. Some of them indulge in such activities as gambling, drinking, smoking, etc.

That is not the way to spend leisure time. Instead of such activities which are actually vices in the name of activities, we should have some of the other hobbies.

One should have a hobby according to one’s taste. One man may like to take up gardening as his hobby. Another person may have the aptitude for philately. Another one may prefer reading books, magazines or newspapers to any other hobby. Then there are so many other hobbies such as singing, dancing, painting, photography, visiting friends, watching movies or T.V. serials and so on.

A hobby should not be extended so extensively as to overshadow your work. An excessive time given to hobby is also not a wise step. The purpose of the hobby is to give you relief from the strain and boredom of the main work.

Generally, those whose work involves physical labour should have a hobby which is concerned with some intellectual activity, and those who do mental or intellectual work should have some hobby which involves some physical activity such as walking, playing some game, etc.


Leisure time Essay For Students ( 500 to 800 words )


Leisure is the time which one can spend as one pleases. It is a pause in the long hours of work. Leisure must be used in the right manner. Today, the man hardly gets time for leisure. It is very necessary for every person to take some time off for leisure from one’s daily routine. Leisure makes one feel relaxed, fit, and active. Taking up an interesting hobby is a very effective way of relieving stress. One can take to gardening, reading, music, sports, stamp and coin collecting, a walk, etc. One can also use one’s spare time in helping the needy. Hobbies should be cultivated during childhood. Leisure with purpose and meaningfulness should be our aim.

Leisure the time which one can spend as one pleases. It is a pause’ in Lithe long hours of work. In short, leisure means spare time. Work and leisure are interrelated. There can be no leisure without work. Leisure doesn’t mean idleness. It cannot be thought of as a non-activity. It is a fulfilling part of life and work.

In the present age, man has become materialistic’. He remains busy all the time. He hardly gets time for leisure. This may lead him to frustration. It also affects his health. It is, therefore, necessary for every person to take some time off from one’s daily routine. He should indulge in some activity which pleases him. Occupation with a hobby at leisure makes one feel relaxed. It makes one fit to resume one’s work.

In India, many people do not have leisure. Those who have, do not know how to spend it. Leisure must be used in the right manner. There should be a proper use of spare time. Leisure should not be wasted in idle gossips’ or visiting clubs, hotels, and restaurants.

Taking up an interesting hobby is a very effective way of relieving stress. One should choose a hobby that one feels is close to the heart. It could be driving, cooking, painting, sketching, etc. Swimming makes one active. Indulging in sports like cricket, football, polo, golf, squash, etc. also helps one to relax.

One can spend one’s spare time reading books. By enrolling oneself in a library, one could come across a variety of books. Magazines and newspapers provide news to enhance’ one’s knowledge. Books are man’s best friends. One never feels lonely in the company of books.

Those who live in houses with some vacant land attached to these can take to gardening. Gardening keeps the environment green. The kitchen garden could provide the family with fresh vegetables and fruits. One can plant seasonal flower plants. A garden with colorful flowers delights the senses. If one doesn’t have a garden, one can practice gardening with pots. Plants require adequate care. They need sunlight, air, water, and good manure. One should take note of these factors before pursuing’ this hobby.

Music—vocal and instrumental, provide us entertainment. If one is interested in singing, one can pursue it as a hobby. What food is to the body, music is to the soul. Music uplifts the soul.

One could even go for a walk or cycling during one’s spare time. Cycling and walking keep one fit and active. Going on a picnic by the weekend also relieves the senses.

Stamp collecting and coin collecting are other interesting hobbies. People collect stamps of different countries and of different times and place them in their albums. If a stamp is very rare, it fetches a huge price. At times, these hobbies could prove to be very rewarding.

Leisure time can also be used for useful purposes. One can render help to the needy. One can make an illiterate literate. One can also teach slum dwellers the habits of cleanliness. One can spend one’s spare time in the service of the aged by looking after their health. In this way, one can do great service to one’s country and to humanity.

Everyone should try to have some leisure and make the best use of it by talking to some good hobby or the other. An idle man’s mind is a devil’s workshop. So, one should not idle away one’s precious spare moments. Leisure with purpose and meaningfulness should be our aim. It should be used as a tonic to energize one for work. Leisure can add spice to life. It can make our life enjoyable. Cultivating a hobby in childhood would help one continue with the same till one is old. This will help one develop a zest for life.

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