Essay on a Picnic I Enjoyed the Most for Students & Children

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Essay on a Picnic I Enjoyed the Most for Students & Children

It was during summer vacation. We made up our minds to go on a picnic. We chose a spot on the bank of a river.

We set out early in the morning by bus. There were thirty of us. We enjoyed the cool morning air. It was very refreshing. We sang songs together as the bus proceeded on its way. We had carried our food along with us.

As soon as we landed, we got out of the bus. We sat on the green grass and ate our breakfast. Then we played some games till lunchtime. By one o’clock we felt hungry. We sat down in the shade of some trees and had our lunch. It was lovely to watch the river flowing by.

After lunch, we rested for about half an hour. Then started our entertainment program Some of our friends had brought a harmonium, a tabla, and some other musical instruments They entertained us with lively music. Others who had good voices gave us some film songs. In this way, the afternoon passed very pleasantly. Soon it was tea-time We prepared tea and drank it. We took many photographs, packed up our things, and got on the bus to return home.

I enjoyed this picnic very much. All the people in our company were jolly and cheerful. We laughed and joked a lot We liked being in the open air the whole day. The picnic had helped us to relax and enjoy ourselves thoroughly. It was grand to spend a whole day in the company of nature. I would not mind going on such a picnic again.


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