Essay on A Fair Weather Friend For Students & Children

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Essay on A Fair Weather Friend For Students & Children

A Fair-Weather Friend Essay

Everybody knows that in the modern world, most people are selfish. Hence, it is an uphill task to get a really true friend with whom we can confide unhesitatingly and on whom we can depend easily.

The situation in the modern world is such that as long as you can afford to pay the food and drink bills of your friends, they are with you. But as you draw the strings of your purse or otherwise lose your wealth for some reason and are unable to provide any benefit or facilities to those so-called friends, they desert you instantly like rain in a desert and may even turn your enemies.

This particularly happens when you refuse to lend something precious or favourite to a selfish friend.

This specifically happened with me and that is why I’m audacious enough to mention this fact in special.

It so happened that I made friends with a young man Pawan. He met me in a hotel. He was so sweet-tempered that I could not help being attracted to him. He seemed to be very generous. He paid all my food bills at the hotel and would not allow me to pay a single penny from my own pocket, all my pleadings notwithstanding. He gave me his own visiting card and got mine.

Then he started visiting my house every now and then. I was very hospitable as his manners were so pleasing, and even my mother started treating him as her own son.

I took him in my car and we visited several places and picnic spots. I did not mind paying all his bills as I began to realize he was one of the members of my family.

One day, as chance would have it, I fell short of money. I requested him to pay the bill at a hotel. I even promised him that I would return the money as soon as we reached our hometown.

The young man bluntly said that there was no money on him. I was forced to leave my gold watch with the hotel owner to keep it till I paid his bill.

As we were going to sit in my car, Pawan took out his handkerchief and a new currency note of five hundred rupees fell down from his pocket. He feigned that he had forgotten that he had some money in his pocket. But I could learn from his facial expression that he was telling a lie.

Thereafter, I gave up his company. I thanked God that I was able to get rid of a fair-weather friend before it was too late.


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