Essay- Many People Prefer To Watch Foreign Films Rather Than Locally Produced Films

Many People Prefer To Watch Foreign Films Rather Than Locally Produced Films. Why Could This Be? Should Governments Give More Financial Support To Local Film Industries?

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People often get attracted to foreign movies as they exhibit foreign culture and its beauty. Most of the people regard locally produced movies inferior because of various reasons like popularity, casting, script, etc. Government rather being impartial promote foreign movies and collect a huge tax from them. The following essay will reveal how government can support local film industries and encourage people to watch local movies.

Local movies are limited to their budget which hardly explores a country’s culture and its beauty. They have an experienced crew and casting whose quality work often gets ignored. The producers have a limited resources and have to shot an entire movie trying to make it compelling. While on the other side, Foreign movies surpass local movies in terms of budget, cast, resources, etc. They are overhyped which catch the eye of the audience. A huge budget low-quality foreign movie makes a whopping profit on screen. The government should support their locally produced movies financially by lessening the production charges and provide basic resources as a free source to avail. They can also promote local movies in their respective regions.

‘The Ghazi Attack’ one of the most under-rated local movies in India was screened along with other Hollywood and Bollywood movies. The reality-based iconic movie displayed the glory of Indian Navy bagging a positive response from critics and audience. But the government did not support its screening. A limited number of screens were provided across the country.

The Government should support locally produced movies which could give an insight into the country’s culture and other practices. The financial support will raise the quality of the local movies bring huge revenue for both government and local movie industry.

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