5 Ways to Optimize Your Essay in English

5 Ways to Optimize Your Essay in English

5 Ways to Optimize Your Essay in English

Anyone from students to professionals can write an English essay by following the basic rules that can easily be found online. However, producing one that is of the highest quality is not everyone’s cup of tea.

So, if you have written an English essay, but are not satisfied with its quality, then there is no need to worry, we are here to help you.

In this blog post, we will explain different ways that you can adopt to optimize the written essay for
maximum quality.

Following these ways properly will prevent your work from rejection, which means that all the effort and time you have spent will not go in vain. So, without discussing anything else, let us head towards the ways.

Different Ways to Optimize Your Essay English

Below are the five ways that you need to follow to optimize the English essay.

1. By Tailoring The Essay According To The Given Prompt

The very first way to optimize the English essay is by tailoring it according to a given prompt (topic or title). This is essential because sometimes while writing an essay we accidentally discuss things that are not relevant to the main topic.

For instance, the essay introduction, body, or conclusion may contain irrelevant pieces of information. This results in low-quality essays and can result in rejection.

Not just this, there are also chances that the essay writer may skip necessary information or argument during the writing process.

So, after writing the English essay, you need to review it to ensure that all the given information is according to the given prompt. If you find any unusual information do not hesitate to change it.

Tip: You can match the arguments in the English essay with the outline (that may have created before writing) to ensure all things are covered properly.

2. By Finding And Fixing Readability Issues

Another useful way to optimize the English essay is by finding and fixing readability issues in it. Readability is a writing-related term that refers to how simple to understand a given text. If your written essay is difficult to understand, readers or instructors will not able to understand it.

This is because you have followed a complex sentence structure or used difficult words that are not commonly known to normal readers. Having these kinds of issues in the essay are known as readability issues.

In this case, you need to find complex words and sentences in the essay and make necessary changes to make them simple to understand. The changes can include replacing difficult words with simple and appropriate words and altering sentence structure for better clarity. We know this will not only require a strong vocabulary but also time and effort to make these changes in the essay.

Do not worry, there is a quick and effective way as well – which taking help from an essay rewriter. This tool rewrites the given text by replacing words with their synonyms and altering sentence structure without changing the original meaning for better clarity.

Overall, finding, and fixing readability issues in the essay is an excellent way to optimize an essay.

3. By Taking Care Of Grammar And Spelling Issues

Having an essay with basic grammar and spelling issues will not damage your credibility, but also leave the readers about what message you want to convey. This is why taking care of grammar and spelling errors is considered an essential way to optimize the essay.

Remember, no matter you many good writing skills you have, there is still a strong chance that you may make little mistakes. According to research, regardless of what activity or task is being performed, humans can make up to 3-6 errors per hour, and average 50 errors in a working day.

So, to optimize the written English essay, you need to find and fix all kinds of grammatical errors (grammar, spelling, punctuation) in it. If you manually go through the essay to find errors, then there is a strong chance that your eye may skip and accidentally skip small mistakes.

The quick and error-free way is to utilize a grammar check tool. This tool will quickly scan the given text for all kinds of grammar mistakes and then highlight or underline them to alert the user. So that, the user can fix those errors and make the English essay error-free.

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4. By Adding More Credible Evidence

Evidence is a key element of essay writing, as it helps the person to back up the arguments made in the essay. So, to optimize the English essay, you need to add evidence for each argument that you have made.

However, be sure to only add credible ones, otherwise, you face serious consequences for providing inaccurate information. For instance, as a student, if you add inaccurate evidence in an academic essay, the teacher may cut down your marks, resulting in a low grade.

One thing that you need to remember while adding evidence to the English essay is that you should not just add too much evidence. This will leave a negative impact on the reader that you have nothing much to say, which is why you have added too much evidence.

5. By Adding Or Checking Citations And References

The final way to optimize the English essay is by checking the citations and references. You need to provide information about the evidence that you have added to the essay. Doing this will allow the readers of the essay to locate the source of information and learn about the information.

Not only this, adding citations and references will prevent the chances of plagiarism, because you have already provided credit to the author. However, while adding citations and references you need to make sure that you are following the right approach. Otherwise, it will not only result in plagiarism but also damage credibility.

Overall, adding citations and references is an excellent way to optimize it. This is s because both these things will give a professional touch to the essay, indicating that the person has written the essay by following the right approach.

Optimizing English essays to prevent them from rejection is not an easy task. It needs to be done with the right approach, otherwise, all your effort and time will go in vain. In this article we have discussed five different ways that you can adopt to optimize the essay for maximum quality, we hope you will find the given info valuable. Happy English Essay Writing!

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