10 Lines on My Favourite Food Pizza Essay in English Students

In this article, we are providing 10 lines on My Favourite Food Pizza Essay in English for Students & kids. In these lines, we have tried to give the best lines on My Favourite Food. Short and simple essay on My Favourite Food Pizza for class 1, class 2, and class 3,4,5,6,7,8 students.

10 Lines on My Favourite Food Pizza Essay

10 Sentences on My Favourite Food Pizza

1. I like different kinds of food as I am a foodie.

2. My favorite food among all the foods is pizza.

3. It is a famous Italian food.

4. It is very soft and has very nice flavors.

5. It contains lots of vegetables which makes it healthy.

6. I love having pizza with extra cheese.

7. My grandmother is very good at making pizza.

8. I can eat pizza at any time of the day.

9. Sometimes I also take pizza in my school lunch box.

10. Pizza is a very famous food all over the world.

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sentences about My Favourite Food Pizza


10 Lines on My Favorite Food Pizza

1 My favorite food or comfort dish is Pizza.

2 Pizza comes in different styles like crispy, thin crust, or cheese burst.

3 My spirits and hunger are high just by the smell of baking pizza.

4 Anyone can add any topping from pepperoni to exotic pineapple according to taste.

5 The cheese burst and melted cheese with tomato sauce makes a pizza perfect.

6 My taste buds get satisfied with each bite of pizza.

7 Pizza is to do dish which can be enjoyed at any time.

8 Homemade or from the pizza shop, it’s a delightful treat to enjoy.

9 My childhood memories with cousins and friends are cherished with pizza nights.

10 If I write a book, pizza will be the ultimate culinary masterpiece.


10 Lines on My Favorite Food Pizza

1 My all-time ultimate culinary masterpiece dish is pizza.

2 Whether it is daytime or midnight, I can eat pizza all the time.

3 Pizza is a blend of thick or crispy crust, sauce, and toppings which makes it tastier.

4 My guilty pleasure is eating leftover pizza for breakfast which I can’t resist.

5 Night outs with friends or family, my favorite food to order is pizza.

6 Pizza is the universal most loved food with its casual eating.

7 Pizza has endless choices of toppings from Margherita to BBQ chicken.

8 Pizza is originally Italian food but is improvised in different ways by different countries.

9 My favorite pizza has having soft crust and cheese on its top.

10 Toppings and pizza sauce make a perfect balance on each bite.


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