IELTS Speaking Part 2- Talk about a form of exercise you used to do but no longer do now

IELTS Speaking Part 2 Cue Card- Talk about a form of exercise you used to do but no longer do now.

You Should Say –

-what sort of exercise it was
-how long you did it
-why you stopped
And say if you would like to do it again or not. why?

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Model Answer-

At one point in time in my life, I was really enthusiastic about Aerobics as an exercise form to keep me in shape. It is a kind of exercise that includes strength training in addition to a rhythmic aerobic exercise with stretching. It is an overall fitness regimen that helps you with a comprehensive workout session.

I practised it for two whole years in school every morning for an hour. It was an unbreakable routine that I absolutely loved and didn’t miss for the world.

Then one day in my university years, I just stopped practising it. You can call it the busy schedule or the unpredictable working hours but suddenly, I just didn’t have the time to practice it anymore. The gruesome schedule hardly allowed me to sleep properly, let alone exercise and indulge in my favourite workout session.

I would definitely like to restart this schedule in my life. In addition to keeping me in shape and my body toned, it helped me a lot with my stamina and flexibility. It also strengthened my core and muscular strength. Most importantly, it was the perfect thing to keep me disciplined. I would start this regimen as soon as possible to bring some order to my busy and fast-paced life.

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