Essay on Man and Machine in English For Students & Children

We are Sharing an Essay on Man and Machine in English for students and children. In this article, we have tried our best to provide a Short essay on Man vs Machine for Classes 4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12 and Graduation in 200, 300, 400, 500, 800 words.

Essay on Man and Machine in English For Students & Children

Man and Machine Essay

The modern age is the age of machines. Throughout the day and even at night, we are surrounded by the midst of machines.

We get up early in the morning on the alarm of a clock. We heat the water (in winter) with the help of an electric geyser or gas over the gas oven.

We take breakfast of pieces of bread roasted in a toaster and then we go to school or college or our place of work by bike, scooter, car, or whatever vehicle we have.

If we have to travel to someplace, we do so by car, bus, train, airplane, or ship or boat.

In the present age, there is mass production of goods in factories and mills with the help of huge machines.

If we have to visit a doctor or go to a hospital, we are confronted with several machines such as the stethoscope, the stretcher, the ECG, the EEG, the X-rays, the scanner, etc.

Most of the eatables we get such as vegetables, fruits, grains, pulses, sugar, kerosene, petrol, diesel, cooking oil, etc are carried to us in trucks, railway wagons, carts, ships, boats, etc.

Even the water we drink is brought to us through taps and it may have been pumped out from the underground level with the help of machines.

Similarly, we have so many kinds of other machines. They work for us and help us. The Computer and the Robot are two great modern machines.

Machines save time for us. But they have to be looked after and if they cause unemployment or excessive noise or some other inconvenience, they become a nuisance.

Still, we must remember even the human body is a machine. So, machines are not altogether bad.


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