Essay on Maharana Pratap in English For Students & Children

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Essay on Maharana Pratap in English For Students & Children

Maharana Pratap is a hero of Indian history. He has become a legendary figure in national memory. He is an unforgettable character in the annals of Rajasthan. He was a worthy adversary of Akbar The Great.

One by one the states of India came under the sway of Akbar, whose overlordship came to be accepted by one ruler of Rajasthan after another. Rana Pratap was a noble exception to this rule. His seat of government was Udaipur. From this almost unassailable citadel, the Rana waged tireless war against Mughal supremacy. Muslim rule had come to stay. But this fateful change in Indian history could not be accepted without resistance by Rana Pratap, whose Rajput pride was hurt at the new turn of events which was as much expected as unexpected. Indian history was passing through a crisis.

Many were the heroic battles fought by the brave Rana Pratap against the Mughal army. Many feats of heroism marked these battles. It was practically impossible for Rana Pratap with his numerically smaller army and financially smaller resources to win back the many States which had fallen to Akbar. But Rana Pratap’s Udaipur held aloft the banner of its freedom.

The greatest pitched battle between the forces of Akbar and Rana Pratap was at Haldighati. Rajput valour did wonders in this battle and wrote a glorious chapter in Indian history. The unending wars with Akbar compelled Rana Pratap to lead a life of exile in the wilderness. It was a clash of greatness against greatness. On many occasions, the Maharana and his brave and faithful followers had to pass through untold suffering and privation. The greatest admirer of Rana Pratap was Akbar The Great himself. All through the changing fortunes of the war Udaipur held its head high and refused to acknowledge the supremacy of Akbar. Udaipur remained unconquered.

Many a legend has grown around this legendary figure of history. Rana Pratap, his small daughter Champavati, his Maharani, his friends in adversity, and last but not least his horse chetak, all have become themes of many stories which people still narrate with pride and warmth of heart. Truly could Rana Pratap say:
Under the bludgeonings of chance
my head is bloody but unbowed.


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