10 Lines on Wild Animals Essay in English For Students

In this article, we are providing 10 lines on Wild Animals Essay in English for Students & kids. In these lines, we have tried to give the best lines on Wild Animals. Short and simple essay on Wild Animals for class 1, class 2, class 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, and 9 students.

10 Lines on Wild Animals Essay

10 Lines on Wild Animals for kids

1. Animals that live in forests and jungles are called wild animals.

2. Wild animals are dangerous to humans.

3. They have sharp teeth.

4. We cannot keep wild animals as pets.

5. Examples of wild animals are tigers, lions, bears, etc.

6. Wild animals are also kept in the zoo.

7. They kill other animals for their food.

8. They migrate from one place to another in search of food.

9. Wild animals provide us things like leather.

10. We should preserve wild animals otherwise they will become extinct.


Wild animals live in forests.

Lion, Tiger, Elephant, bears, crocodiles, hyenas, etc are wild animals.

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10 lines on wild animals

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Few Lines About Wild Animals Essay

Wild animals are an important part of nature.

They maintain balance in nature.

In nature nothing is useless.

Wild animals play their own role.

For example, a tiger keeps a check on the population of deer by killing them.

If they grow out of proportion they would become dangerous.
Similarly, the elephants, the hyenas, the wolves, the bears, etc. play their own important part.

Their presence makes the forest beautiful.

How majestic and royal is the tiger.

Is there any other animal so splendid as an elephant? And what about a lion? Surely, he is the king of the beasts.

And how colorful are birds? Their calls are so sweet and musical.

Even snakes are so useful. They kill rats and mice and thus save our food and crops.

Birds like vultures and kites keep our environment clean.

Wildlife is valuable and must be protected.


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